Celebrate the Dreamer in You.

Floating Islands for sale

Floating Islands

Floating Islands are relatively new to the market and we would love to get the word out about them. They are a natural habitat for wildlife and clean the water at the same time, the Floating Islands work great on retention ponds, rivers and other waterways.  A comment from one of our customers. Thanks, Ion Exchange Inc.

Good Morning Howard and Donna.
It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation to East Tennessee.
Probably wasn’t easy getting away during this busy time of
year, true?

I had never heard of the floating islands so I checked on
the website below. What a unique idea!

(our site – Bio Floating Islands)

Agree about making this world a better place and ‘dreaming’.

Most of us gardeners feel blessed to have this ‘passion’ for growing beautiful flowers. I can’t imagine life without all these gardening projects. Sometimes I stand and stare at a flower bed and think of what I want to add or change: a hidden garden area for our granddaughters to play; a moonlit white flowers garden with just a splash of red; a trellis covered with blue morning glories; what to do with an old wooden gate from the family farm, perhaps an old chair beside it with purple asters, yellow gloriosa daisies and orange mums. (Gotta think ahead to the fall garden ‘now’.)

I had told you a while back that I write monthly articles for our
local newspaper and this was my first paragraph:

To have lived a good life: “You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” From the book: “Miss Rumphius” (The Lupine Lady who planted 5 bushels of lupine across the countryside!)

From Janie T.

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