Over Seed or Plant Your New Native Prairie Now

Ion Exchange A Native Seed and Plant Nursery

Over seed or plant your new prairie at Ion Exchange Native Plant Nursery

Iowa 4in Soil Temperatures

The soil temperature has just reached the prime time for a dormant seeding. 

Now is the time… You may plant your seed after the soil temperatures have dropped below 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the fall or winter. By planting now, you will be ensured of optimal natural processes to break the germination code for your wildflower seed and insure spring sprouting of your seeds. Wondering what to plant, or looking for more information – OUr friendly trained staff is ready to help you!

Call 800-291-2143

Order Now orders over $100 will receive a BONUS,


To receive your Free No/No Birdfeeder use this offer code when ordering… NO!NO!  Offer Expires December 1, 2011

Showy Wildflower Seed Mix available at Ion Exchange Inc

Showy Wildflower Seed Mix

Showy Wildflower Mix can also be used for over seeding into existing prairies this fall or winter.

Great Mix for over seeding your prairie.

Ion Exchange, Inc.

“Helping you create your own natural beauty”

Howard Bright, President




Check out our brilliant red wildflowers



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