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Over Seed or Plant Your New Native Prairie Now

Ion Exchange A Native Seed and Plant Nursery

Over seed or plant your new prairie at Ion Exchange Native Plant Nursery

Iowa 4in Soil Temperatures

The soil temperature has just reached the prime time for a dormant seeding. 

Now is the time… You may plant your seed after the soil temperatures have dropped below 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the fall or winter. By planting now, you will be ensured of optimal natural processes to break the germination code for your wildflower seed and insure spring sprouting of your seeds. Wondering what to plant, or looking for more information – OUr friendly trained staff is ready to help you!

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Showy Wildflower Seed Mix available at Ion Exchange Inc

Showy Wildflower Seed Mix

Showy Wildflower Mix can also be used for over seeding into existing prairies this fall or winter.

Great Mix for over seeding your prairie.

Ion Exchange, Inc.

“Helping you create your own natural beauty”

Howard Bright, President




Check out our brilliant red wildflowers



Ion Exchange’s Customer “Wendy” Shares Her Butterfly Garden

Wendy lives in WI and was kind enough to send us a video on her native wildflower Butterfly Garden. Thanks Wendy for sharing with us your beautiful native wildflower garden.

Fathers Day Gift Special

Fathers Day Living Gift

A Native Plant Package that is ready to go!

Picture of Native Plant Plug
Photo of our
Native Wildflower
Plant Plug

You’ll receive 84 plants · Covers 84 sq. ft.

7 each of the following native species.

What’s in this

“Special Father’s Day” package?

Junegrass · Blue Indigo · Prairie Smoke
Little Bluestem · Pale Purple Coneflower

Butterfly Milkweed · Ohio Spiderwort
Purple Coneflower · Prairie Blazingstar
Purple Prairie Clover · Wild Bergamot
New England Aster

Planting Guide Included
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Have questions…

let us know, we’re here to help you!

Howard Bright, President
Ion Exchange, Inc.


“Helping you create your own natural beauty”

Check out our brilliant red wildflowers


Jump Start Your Garden Now

Ion Exchange makes it so easy and simple to start a native wildflower garden that will be envy of the neighborhood. You wont want to miss out on these amazing native wildflower kits. Rain Garden Kit, Butterfly Attractor Kit and Urban Garden Kit

Ion Exchange's beautiful native wildflower kits

Have a beautiful wildflower garden easy to install and easy to maintain.

Native Hitchikers

Mother Nature has designed several modes of transportation for her native plants.  I’m sure most of people are familiar with some of her tactics.  Sometimes it is not a pleasant experience for human beings.  These hitchhikers can stick to you like Velcro or stick into you like needles.
Have you ever walked through a wetland or marshy area?  If you have and if you weren’t watching where you were going, you may have encountered some Beggar Ticks and not noticed them all over your clothing until it was too late.  When your clothing or an animal brushes against the mature seed heads of Beggar Ticks, the individual seeds attach themselves to them by prongs much like a fork.  Some have two while others have 4 prongs.  Once attached, they are in motion to their new resting spot by you or an animal transporting them free of charge to their destination.  Some of the Beggar Ticks may come off your clothing by you brushing up against other vegetation and just knocking the clinging seeds off to fall willy-nilly wherever they may.  If they happen to get picked off or fall off in a wet area, they are very happy because they can sprout again and secure their existence another year.  In the spring, the seeds will germinate given the proper moist conditions.  If they happen to travel home with you and you decide to pick them off before going into your house, they may fall onto your lawn.  In most cases, this would not be a place where Beggar Ticks could survive because it would be too dry not to mention getting mowed down even if they did.

The next time you are out walking in the summer near a stream or in a wetland, be on the lookout for a plant with many pretty yellow flowers.   It will probably be in the genus of Bidens or Beggar Ticks or Bur Marigold as they are commonly called.  As fall approaches the pretty yellow flowers turn into one of nature’s best-designed hitchhikers.

Natures Hitchhiker

Beggars Tick

Natures Hitchhiker

Beggars Tick as a Flower






Earthyman aka Howard Bright