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Wildflower of the Week – Rose Mallow – Hibiscus militaris

Wildflower Hibiscus militaris - Rose Mallow

Wildflower Hibsicus militaris - Rose Mallow

Halberd Mallow, Mallow Rose, Water Mallow, Swamp Mallow (not to be confused with marsh mallow)

Sun Exposure Prairie, Savanna
Soil Moisture Wet, Wet Mesic
Bloom Time Summer, Fall July, August, September

Bloom Color Pink
Max Height 5 feet
Wetland Code OBL
Germ Code C(60)
Seeds Per Packet 75
Seeds Per Ounce 2,800
Hibiscus is from the old Greek and latin names for a type of large mallow. Militaris from the latin meaning “soldierly”, most likely for the plants erect and imposing appearance; possibly for the halberd -shaped leaves.

One of the most spectacular of the woodland species due to its size and color; the petals can reach 3 inches in length. The pink to cream colored blossoms have a deep purple blotch at the base making the center of the flower appear much darker than it actually is.

No medicinal or food uses reported.

Medicinal Uses: Unknown

Herbal Uses: Unknown