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How To Plant Wild Rose Seeds

Recently someone asked us about planting wild rose seeds. Julie our Greenhouse Manager answered her with these comments; Sarah,
It does take up to 2 years or longer for the Wild rose seed to germinate if you plant it directly into the ground. Mother Nature will take care of the treatment processes throughout the seasons to instigate germination. If you choose to grow these plants in a greenhouse setting they will require some extra effort for you to be successful. The seed needs to be scarified, lightly scoring the seed coat to allow moisture into the seed. Then there must be a cold moist stratification period of 60-90 days followed by a warm period of about 80 degrees for 60-90 days which in turn should be followed by another cold treatment of 60-90 days before seeding. This is an involved process but a successful outcome is very satisfying.
Good luck to you.