Earthyman’s Q&A Page

Howard gets asked many questions from our customers at Ion Exchange. Some of you may have some of the same questions so we are posting the questions we get at Earthyman’s Q&A Page along with Howard’s answers to them. If you have a question that has not been answered here be sure and ask it here at Earthyman’s Q&A Page or email it in at or call 800-291-2143 and we will do our best to answer it.

2 responses to “Earthyman’s Q&A Page

  1. I am in the midst of installing a rain garden. Based on availability I am looking at a late planting date….probably into late-September. I will be installing native plugs. Should I be concerned with this later planting date? Can I proceed with installing the plugs this late in the season? I assume if we do, that I should flag the location of the plugs and cover with 3” of mulch to help protect from frost heaving. Then in the spring remove the mulch from the plugs.

    Please let me know your tips for fall plug planting.

    Also, what is your native plug availability?

    • Jen, yes you can plant in September. It is not necessary to mulch the plugs to protect from frost heaving unless you plant later in October or November. Make sure that your site has no competition from existing vegetation. You may plug into your soil with a dibble bar and insert the plugs. Send us the soil conditions in which you are planting. How wet is it, sunlight conditions etc. We can then make a recommendation of species for your site or you may send us a wish list and we can respond with availability.

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